Meet Our Pastor

Our Pastor, Todd AtwoodTodd Atwood graduated salutatorian from Rockwall High School in 1985 and was given an appointment to the United States Military Academy.  Upon graduation from West Point in 1989,  Todd served in the U.S. Army for eight years including two combat tours in Operation Desert Storm and the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia. Todd has been married to Kari since 1992, recently enjoying their 20th wedding anniversary, and they have two children ages 16 and 12. After tours at Ft. Hood, TX and Bamberg, Germany, Todd ended his military career and became a project manager for the general contractor, Austin Commercial.  Todd attended Dallas Theological Seminary at night for several years while working full time, and then graduated magna cum laude with a Master’s of Theology degree after two years of full-time studies on May 12, 2007. He left work at Austin Commercial in April, 2009, in order to increase his teaching schedule to four classes per week.

Pine Valley Bible Church in Houston, Texas ordained Todd into the Ministry as a Pastor-Teacher on January 20, 2008.  Pine Valley Pastor Bruce Bumgardner lead a question and answer ceremony during which Todd satisfied the Ordination Board’s requirements for ministry in knowledge of scripture, apologetics, theology, as well as personal character.   Todd’s views in these areas can be found in the doctrinal statement of Grace Bible Church.  To read our doctrinal statement, click that button in menu above.

Grace Bible Church formed as a small home Bible study in July of 2003.  Brian and Rebecca Andrews invited Todd to teach Bible class in their home.  Bible classes moved to our current location in July of 2007, and have met there ever since.

Todd teaches Bible class from the original languages of Greek and Hebrew, to include both Bible knowledge and theology.  He believes that any believer, under the ministry of God the Holy Spirit is able to learn, benefit, and utilize Biblical information and principles of theology taught in seminary.  Todd believes that the Christian way of life is a daily walk in the learning of the word of God and fellowship with God the Father and Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, which can then be reflected in their thoughts, words and actions. Therefore it is his commission as a pastor-teacher to equip the saints with Bible doctrine so that they are able to love God and one another while serving God in their lives.

Todd is currently both on the board and a staff member of Camp Arete, a summer time youth ministry in Colorado. He provided assistance to Jim Myer’s ministry in Kiev and the Word of God Bible College through teaching a semester course in December of 2013 and looks forward to a return to the Ukraine this next year.